ICFHR 2022
International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition

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Welcome to ICFHR 2022

IIIT-Hyderabad is happy to host the 18th edition of the International Conference on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR) 2022. The conference holds important scientific significance in the field of handwriting recognition.

The aim of ICFHR is to bring together experts across the world from academia and industry. Serves as a platform to share enriching experiences related to the field. The conference also aims to promote research and development in all aspects of handwriting and applications.

History of ICFHR

ICFHR initially began as the International Workshop on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR). The conference takes place once in two years. As the influence and stature of IWFHR began to grow the name was officially changed to ICFHR in the year 2008. Seventeen editions of the conference have been held so far.

The first conference was conducted in Montreal in the year 1990. It was first hosted in India in the year 2010 in the city of Kolkata. The last edition of ICFHR was a fully virtual event that took place in Dortmund, Germany, in the year 2020. It was hosted by TU Dortmund University.


Hyderabad- "The city of pearls" has been popularly voted as the venue for ICFHR 2022. It is a hub of leading international IT giants, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and laboratories. Hyderabad is a modern city with the presence of many IT firms.

It offers an excellent opportunity for ICFHR to get connected to the industrial research activities in the broad area of handwriting and document analysis. The city has witnessed and played host to a number of other international conferences including IJCAI, WWW, ACCV, ICSE, and others in the past.

ICFHR 2022 is planned to be a physical conference. For authors who may not be able to travel due to COVID related issues, remote presentation at the conference will be possible.

Hosting Organizations

ICFHR 2022 is being hosted by the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. It is also a major event supported by the IAPR Technical Committee TC-11 (Reading Systems). IAPR TC11 is the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) Technical Committee Number 11.

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