As part of ICFHR 2022, we introduce the ICFHR-IJDAR journal track similar to ICDAR-IJDAR journal tracks in ICDAR 2019 and 2021. This journal track would provide the benefit of rapid and timely turnaround of the scientific developments to the community offered by conferences while maintaining the rigor and discipline of the journal review. We would like to invite exceptional works from the field of handwriting recognition that extends significantly from a typical conference paper.
Submission Timeline:

March 15, 2022 Initial submission deadline
May 15, 2022 Initial decisions
June 15, 2022 Submission of revised journal papers
August 31, 2022 Final decisions

Submission Guidelines:

  • Survey papers and papers introducing new datasets are welcome.
  • Papers proposing tools will not be accepted. They should be submitted in conference.
  • Papers should be well written, concise and clearly motivate the problem and communicate the proposed solution.
  • Papers should be comprehensive, complete and self contained. They should not be understood only in association with other paper(s).
  • Submissions accepted for this special edition will receive an oral presentation in the conference.

Papers must be prepared in accordance with the Journal guidelines :